The Way Back Machine (Written in 2001. I was 17.)

its all about meat free buffalo wings and plastic bracelets made at work, while you should be doing something productive. coming home to find your nana sent you a happy halloween card in the mail. or a birthday card even if it isnt your birthday. its all about friends, and laughing until your stomach hurts and your face is wet with tears. getting into pepsi fights in the rain and curling up under a blanket when you get home, only to find just how sticky pepsi can get. even when it is raining. its about having a bottle of water next to you when you do eat meat free buffalo wings. (im pretty sure they changed the recipe, they were never this spicy before.) waking up before the sun and immediately thinking how wrong it seems to be awake before its even light out. its all about getting in fights with your parents about where you want to go to school, while the whole time you know the only reason they are yelling is because they know just how far away michigan is and how much they dont want to lose their “baby.” its about the deaf family who came into the store yesterday and wrote on a piece of paper exactly what they wanted. its about
and me
and the echo of memories long gone.

if im cold now i dont even begin to know what im gonna do when i go to michigan. i just drank an entire bottle of water and my mouth is still burning. yick. trying to find the right words and failing. a star burning so bright. and yet so so far away. if i try to reach for it i’ll just burn my fingers.


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