Dress Disaster Part 2 – Bridezilla in Full Force.

fast forward to a very angry, very distressed bride. N (being the sweetie he is) poured me a big frosty glass of the tastiest beer ever (banana bread beer anyone? soo good!) and made me dinner. love him.

So, again, I did what any bride would do. I got slightly intoxicated, and wrote a very colorful, very to the point email. and I sent it to my bridesmaids with the subject “sending this to you so I don’t send it to her.” (her being wai-ching.) And then, about 18.3 minutes later I was still angry, so I sent it anyway. (N once described me as “spicy. and sometimes spicy burns.”) I’m pretty sure this email nearly burned a hole through my computer screen. Some excerpts, for your entertainment:

“I was surprised my dress got here so quickly. I was even more surprised to find it stuffed into a little box like a christmas sweater and sitting on my doorstep waiting to be stolen. Shipped uninsured with no signature. Really?”

“…THIS is the dress you made? This is not the yowying you show on your website. This dress is a shadow of the dress it’s supposed to be, and it’s very apparent that not only do you not care about your work, but are willing to take any step necessary to cut corners.”

“…And that’s saying nothing of the crunchy, crepe paper material that is all over and looks like the same material one would use to make a cheap ’80’s pantsuit.”

“…If I wanted a dress that looked like a knockoff of your yowying, I could have gotten it for MUCH cheaper than what I just paid for this monstrosity.”

Needless to say, I’m getting my money back. In fact, we’re sending back ALL 3 of the dresses (mine and 2 bmaids) because when they came, they were amazingly in nearly as bad of shape as mine. (which I really didn’t think was possible.) Not to mention scrunched up in a mailer-bag.

(there’s a $300 dress in there…)

The funny thing? She didn’t try and defend herself at all. She very simply said “sorry you don’t like it! i’ll refund you as soon as i get the dresses back.” wow.

N thinks she didn’t make them. I hope not, unless she’s actually a 5 year old in disguise.

Stay tuned for the happy ending. (I promise there is one.)


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