Dress Disaster Part 3: The Happy Ending. (miracle, even.)

With all the horrible dresses being returned, (did i mention that my sister’s knee length skirt actually went UP in the back? As in, the hem was sewn many inches shorter in the back than the front. Cuz that’s what people want to see when you turn around.) it was time to figure out what to do next.

We were now left with 3 naked ladies. Which, ya know, is a problem.

I decided I had to tackle one thing at a time, and do as I always do – roll with it. I called my mom, and every female friend in the greater LA area to see who could make it out dress shopping with me the next morning. I no longer had time to order a dress, and had to hit the pavement hard. Samples were calling my name. (I was amazingly surprised and flattered at how many of my friends came out of the woodwork to support me on this, offering to meet me places later in the day if they had plans and moving things around. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.)

Armed with my mother and N’s sister for the morning, and a handful of others who were going to meet me wherever I was later in the day, I felt more than prepared to go find another dress. Or at least try to. I honestly had pretty low expectations – I really didn’t think that I would find anything at all. Part of me was convinced I’d just be wearing jeans down the aisle. But there was no way I was going to let this jerkface designer get the best of me.

The first place we went to was just awkward. There were racks and racks of dresses in plastic bags, and the ladies there just said “pull what you want to try!” They all looked the same hanging up, and I had no idea what I was doing. I tried on about 8 dresses that looked absolutely awful, and we decided it was time to move on.

Then we went to David’s Bridal. Now, I have to say, I have heard more horror stories about this place than any other in the whole wedding-planning process, and I was more than a little apprehensive when we drove up. It was HUGE. The Wal-Mart of wedding dresses. But – I was desperate, and willing to try. If it was bad, we could move on to shop #3.

We walked in and explained the situation, ‘my wedding is less than 3 months away’ (wow, really? yikes.) ‘my original dress is a disaster, and no, I don’t have an appointment can you please help at all.’ And then it happened. They said ‘wow, perfect timing, the girl who was supposed to be here never showed up for her appointment. go back right now.’ (huh. well that’s a cool coincidence.)

They gave us this amazing fabulous gay man who complimented me at every step. (Well hey, maybe David’s Bridal isn’t so bad after all – I’m liking this.) He pulled out a handful of dresses after seeing me point to some I liked in the catalogue, and had me in heels, a slip, and a gown in about 3 minutes flat. I turned around…

and mom gasped.

and N’s sister said “oh wow.”

and then I looked in the mirror.

Now I have to say – i didn’t have that ‘moment.’ I didn’t cry, I didn’t freak out. But i did think “wow.

And then I tried on about 9 more dresses. They all looked a-freaking-mazing – the guy who was helping us really knew what was good for my figure. (of course, right? i was SO happy i had him and not the ladies at the front desk.) It made me feel pretty – it’s so nice to try on things that are actually meant to look good on curves. So much of my shopping consists of “damn my butt doesn’t fit into these jeans.” But these gowns – they were all gorgeous and flattering. And then finally mom nearly screamed “I want to see the first one again!”

So I put it back on. And didn’t want to take it off. This was it, this was the dress. The dress I would have never ever picked off a rack for myself, and at David’s Bridal to boot. And they rush ordered it, and there will be no problem getting it in time for the wedding.

We bought it, and went out to lunch. My friends called me to see where they could meet me, and nearly keeled over when I told them no worries – I already found my dress.

In less than 2 hours, I had found my dress. And it’s perfect.

Wai-Ching, eat your heart out.

(But there are still 2 naked bridesmaids to take care of… coming soon.)


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