Our Rainy Day Wedding Part 3: The Ride

the drive there was wet. and wild. but not like that. more like sitting in the back of a limo on a windy mountain road, with your wedding dress in your lap and somehow the topic of horror movies came up and it was that silly talk that you have when you’re nervous or overwhelmed or both. in a good way, of course. i watched the rain drops roll down the sides of the windows and thought about ghosts, and what a wonderful day this will be.

(now, a moment. because i can see you saying “UHM. YOURE GETTING MARRIED. OUTDOORS. It’s POURING. and you’re CALM?” and i can honestly say i was. i don’t know what came over me but i knew everything would be ok. whatever was going to happen was going to happen, and if it meant i was getting married the rain, then so be it. there were bigger things in my head than a little bit of bad weather. if anything, it added to the romance.)

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