Our Rainy Day Wedding Part 4: The Inn

we all climbed out of the limo (me still in my stylish pj pants and rain boots) and skittered to the bridal room, dodging puddles and drips along the way. my photographer was already there, huddled under her umbrella looking ever so slightly concerned. lucy and erin – my angels – immediately jumped into the rain and started setting everything up like pros. and here’s where i’ll stop and say – make sure you get yourself some good ushers. they will save your ass. mine did. there would have been quite a lot more for me to stress about had i not completely trusted that those girls would get anything and everything done with no problem at all. and not only did they do it all with flying colors – but they did it in the rain.

24508_975099241166_7156754_n 24508_975132269976_2508100_n

meanwhile, dawn and sara and mom and I started getting dressed. my photographer came in and started taking pictures and climbing on chairs and doing all the things that good photographers do. and here’s where i’ll say something else. get yourself a good photographer. you won’t regret it. the photos and the moments she captured will forever be in my heart. it was wonderful.

my mom zipped up my dress and i heard her gasp as she tried not to cry. dawn and sara made me laugh, made funny faces with me. convinced me to pee even though i was stressed that i wouldn’t get my dress back on right. made me eat. kept me sane. made jokes and told stories and i will forever love them for being there with me that morning.

24508_975098527596_8111106_n 24508_975098647356_346018_n 24508_975098697256_6800490_n


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