Our Rainy Day Wedding Part 5: The Photos

my photographer had stepped out, and she came bouncing back inside with a huge grin on her face and exclaimed to us that not only had it stopped raining – but it was GORGEOUS outside. so we all ran out, and did bridal portraits, and i got to feel like a supermodel for a few brief moments. we took pics together, and with my mom, and made the most of the time we had to capture.

24508_975088951786_3186025_n 24508_975088976736_770613_n HNwed115 HNwed119

ashley (the photog) sent us back inside and apparently got the guys out there. before i knew it, her second shooter came looking for me – it was time for the first look. I’ll never forget – he looked at me and asked “ok, are you ready for this?” I don’t remember what exactly I said, but i know i had a huge stupid grin on my face the whole time. he led me up the hill and i saw the back of my husband-to-be.


the next moments were perfect. part of me knew there were two photographers running around us in circles shooting their hearts out, but that part of me didn’t care one bit. he turned around and our eyes locked and that was it. it was wonderful. it was a time to let  out all the emotions of the day – all of the stress and worry and be able to see him one last time before i walked down the aisle. and i recommend it to everyone. anyone. all. because those moments were unreal. and all captured on film.

24508_975089131426_5360412_n 24508_975089151386_7797216_n 24508_975089261166_3276802_n

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