Our Rainy Day Wedding Part 7: Let in the Rain (and Hail)

we did a few more pictures with the families. had some time to process. some loving friends tried to wring the water out of my dress. there were hugs. and tears. and love. and the party was just starting.

and then it started hailing.

hailing. in los angeles.


i heard screams and slightly panicked laughter and the general commotion as all 100 of our guests attempted to make it to the safety of the covered patio without plowing each other over. i saw my coworker huddled under an umbrella with neil’s aunt, laughing and talking and running along. and i laughed. and i grinned. and i ran across the patio with my dress dragging behind. this was our wedding. through and through.

(a side note. my mother has always said that her father (my grandfather) controls the weather. the timing of the events and the sun on this day were so incredibly lucky, it makes you think. if you’re out there in the universe somewhere, thank you grandpa.)

eventually everyone got settled, and the DJ announced our first dance. and we danced to a song that’s close to my heart and my dress was heavy with water and i stepped on it and in the puddles the entire way through. it was never hemmed to be wet. and we smiled and kissed and he twirled me anyway.

24508_975100144356_3891021_n 24508_975100174296_2107865_n

the food all came out hot and fresh and the staff never once said anything about the fact that they were all soaking wet. they were amazing, and i’m pretty convinced my day of coordinator was actually superwoman in disguise. later on i found out that she at one point was holding an umbrella for some guests, and it was all dumping down the side of fabric straight on to her. (get yourself a doc. they will save your butt.)


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