On Weddings.

Because there’s more to life than chivari chairs. (And I just read a blog in which a girl called herself a “failbride” because her wedding wasn’t going to be ‘picture perfect.’ And it killed me.)

Ok. Planning a wedding is hard. I know, I did it. But planning a wedding to live up to the standards of Martha Stewart, Green Wedding Shoes, and Style Me Pretty? Is impossible. And quite honestly? Depressing. Go look, be inspired, find some fun diy project – but don’t take it to heart. Don’t lose sleep over it. And don’t ever think you’re a “failbride.” (I can’t even believe this term exists in someone’s head.)

Your wedding should reflect YOU. Not the latest “I’m going to hand caligraph every single guests’ name on a perfect tie-dyed flower petal” trend that may or may not be going around. Because on that day when you walk down that aisle? You will NOT care. Not even a little. If uncle jack has too much to drink or if the flowers are the wrong color or god forbid if the chivari chairs don’t come in on time. No one will notice, no one will care. They will all be there for you, happy for you, and having a fantastic time in your honor. And you will be so blissed out because you GOT MARRIED that you won’t care if it hails on your head or if your dress turns black. (true story.)


So here’s to real weddings and real brides and grooms, who might not have a cupcake bar or pictures of them lounging in wingback sofas in the middle of a grassy field. Here’s to weddings that are rained on, snowed in, and generally don’t go quite according to plan.

Here’s to weddings that are all about the most important thing – two people, declaring their love for one another. two people, promising to be together, forever.

Just Before the Hailstorm.

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