I have an affinity for yellow. Daisies, sunshine, beatles submarines… yellow. I might even be guilty of driving a YELLOW (not ‘yellow’ folks, we’re talking YELLOW) car for a good chunk of my adult life.

The day I said goodbye to my yellow submarine.

But what I love about yellow isn’t really the color itself – it’s the feeling that goes along with it. The ‘I can do anything’//’look at that – sun is shining out of your butt’ type happiness. the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and ‘silver lining wrapped in gold.’ It’s the ultimate in love and contentment. It’s the feeling of warm sun on your skin and the golden sheen of a sunset.

It’s beautiful.

Do you process your moods and emotions with colors? I came to realize recently that I *always* have done this. as far as I can remember, certain songs reminded me of certain colors. I even made a series of playlists in college (when iTunes was new and shiny and oh-so-slick) based solely on colors. Because it was the only thing that made sense to me. “Party mix” means nothing. But yellow? I know exactly what songs and moods and genres fit there. White? classical. Red? metal. (yes.) Green was for beachy Jack Johnson-y stuff, and pink was my feminist power Regina Spektor type singers.

But yellow? Yellow was ska. Was pop and rock and all of that music that made you bounce your head sideways uncontrollably. It’s primal.

(For the record – this is probably one of the reasons I had my one and only “crazy bride” moment when I royally declared I NEEDED yellow daisies. NEEDED people. NEEDED!!)

What is your color? What is your world and your moods? Am I the only one who thinks in terms of rainbows?

Lately I’ve been feeling grey. But we’re not talking rainclouds here. A clean, fresh grey. The grey of a brand spanking new chalkboard ready to get dusty with chalk. It’s a pretty color.

But my favorite will always be yellow.


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