I am emotionally attached to my glasses. It’s unlike me – who goes through shirts in weeks, spilling paint or bleach or finding other various remedies for turning a beautiful frock to a mess. I rip my jeans and slide in the mud staining them beyond repair. But my glasses? They’re slightly dinged and used and loved. Unlike other things though, if they broke – I’d be devastated.

This is strange. Me, who would get new frames every year on the dot. Who never could find a pair that made me still feel like “me.” These ones do. They’re so me. These ones have “me” written all over them.

Maybe it was when I picked them out. (Maybe it was because he picked them out. Or the look in his eye when I put them on.) Maybe I just knew that these would be the glasses I would get married in. Travel in. Cry in. These would be the glasses that he would ever so softly take off my face when I fell asleep in them.

These would help me see the world as I do today – these would be my safety, my adventure, my love. These would show me this amazing world. My amazing life.

Do you have something unexpected that you are attached to?


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