Psychology of Canyons

I realized recently that while I’ve posted so much about canyoneering, I never really explained exactly what it is, or why on earth someone would want to do it.

Throwing the Rope

There’s something about being in a canyon that is empowering and terrifying all at the same time. That’s the thing about a canyon. It has a mind of its own. It’s a beast, and it is always very clear that you are just a visitor. Some are big. Some are little. Some are full of water and some are bone dry. But here’s the thing. All you can ever do is keep going down. Down the canyon, down the water. Down and out, back to civilization. For a short while, you are at the mercy of the rock. You are away from everything you know and all of the daily mundane stresses. Because once you enter a canyon, there’s no turning around, no going back. It’s final. It’s real. And if that means wading through a swampy looking pool with dead bats floating in it? You do it. You move forward. Whatever it may take.

Canyoneering is hiking on steroids. It’s  ropes, harnesses, and a huge amount of willpower. In a word, it’s wonderful.

Once you do a 90 foot rappel by moonlight, or drop into a ever-so-enticing looking moss and rot filled pothole, everyday things seem a lot less daunting.

It’s therapy.

There's a marriage vow somewhere in this photo. He's quite literally being my rock.


What do you do? Yoga? Meditation? Prayer? Or something more tangible, more physical? Running? Everyone has their own.


3 thoughts on “Psychology of Canyons

  1. the picture of your literal rock is the tops. it deserves to be blown up and framed. as for your description of why you love canyoneering so much, it was uplifting, exciting and inspiring. i'm not sure if i have my version yet, but i want to discover it even more now. perhaps printmaking, maybe it's actually going to be running or playing indoor soccer? i don't know, but anytime i let myself get lazy in the pursuit, i'm going to return to this post. thanks, haps 🙂

  2. You are building incredible memories, I so much enjoyed your pics, and your short videos gave me a peek into your experiences together, everything was most enjoyable. More videos please.

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