December Sunburns

I live in a giant stereotype.

I pulled my phone out of my bag and had to brush the sand away from between the keys.
I just walked to the coffee shop in the middle of December and I’m pretty sure I got sunburned on the way over here.

Two guys were walking behind me talking. My first thought was that they were stoned. Then I kept hearing them… nope, not stoned.

Just surfers.
“Man, Texas sucks.”
“Yeah man, Florida sucks too.”
“At least Florida has an ocean.”
… I’ll just let that sit with you a sec.
Also –
“This is like Hawaii, man. Hawaii L.A.”
“Wow man. You’re totally right. Hawaii LA.”
Followed by a moment of reflective silence.

Granted, it IS a gorgeous day. I can’t totally blame them.

There’s much to be learned from surfers. They’re harmless. They’re happy. They love life.
And as I sit here, They’ve both eaten 3 everything bagels with cream cheese. Each.
As an everything bagel loving, cream cheese schmearing girl, I gotta respect that.
I dressed completely wrong for this. Silly me to leave the house in jeans and a hoodie in the middle of December thinking I might even be cold.
Oh L.A. You make me so happy. And so sad. But I can’t help but wonder what I’d think if i moved away. Would i miss December sunburns?

I know I’d miss this coffee shop.

December sunburns. That sounds like a book. Maybe my book. What do you think?


December sunburns. The story of a girl. In a coffee shop.

And the surfer. Who walks in.

And eats 3 fully loaded bagels. In record time.

Sounds like a love story to me.


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