It’s the last day of 2010 – and I’m very quickly running out of time to write this post. quite honestly, I’d rather be playing Fable, but I feel it’s my duty to record the holy-incredible year we’ve had. because it really has been – incredible.

January proved to be a test of nerves and strength and patience really is a virtue. We were weeks out from the wedding, anticipation on high. I ordered our toasting flutes and while taking them out of the box to inspect them, immediately chipped one. My “panic for a moment” before giving out to “oh well – they’re still our TOASTING FLUTES – which is exciting – even if one is chipped. and no one will notice anyway.” reaction to this I think was a sign of things to come. Some might think I just didn’t CARE enough and that in a way might be true – but I’ve never been one to fret about the small stuff.

February. Well if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you already know what is put here. February was epic. It was hail and rain and puddles and mud and tears of pure joy. It was a blur that I will never forget. It was dancing in flip flops and family. It was being surrounded by people who love you. How many times in life do you have that? Everyone you love. In one place. It was beauty. And it was the happiest day of our lives.

March we honeymooned. Oh jamaica. It was being hit on by the tour guides and saying “Oh, I’m sorry – I’m MARRIED.” That never gets old. Kayaking in the jungle, riding horses in the carribean sea. Drinking fruity, frosty concoctions on the sand and trying ohsohard not to completely fry myself. I bought an overpriced necklace there that I like to wear from time to time. It’s bright tourquoise and big and chunky. It’s the perfect reminder of our trip – and why we were there. Our own private celebration. We did it. And now we’re going zip lining over the rainforest. Because that’s just how we like to live.

April came and I was still on such a high. So i did what any educated, intelligent person would do in the middle of a recession. I quit my job. Luckily I had another one lined up. Unfortunately for me, that one didn’t work out and I ended up making another intelligent decision and quit that too. This time I had nothing. But i was happier for it. (I have lots of blog entries on this. I’m not telling you all to go quit your jobs. It was right for me and I was responsible about it. Just throwing that out there – don’t come yellin at me.)

That brings us to about June. Summer. What a blur. We camped. We Big Beared. We Zion-ed and we rappelled. We hiked and biked and got dirt in every body part possible. (Don’t go there.) We LIVED. It was wonderous. And i cooked and baked. And learned to make pretzels and pasta and now? I’m obsessed. Much to the dismay of my oh-so-newly-tight jeans. And N – N became a PILOT. If there is any way that every strand of my soul can vibrate at the same time that is how proud I am of him. He had a dream. He achieved it. So amazing. So, so incredible.

And one fateful day in august I went on a job interview with my legs burning from a canyon the day before and climbed OH SO MANY STAIRS MY QUADS CRIED and that proved to be a painful, yet good day.

Because as of September I can say I’m a privledged employee of a massive, globally recognized museum. It’s a humbling experience and even if it only lasts a little while I’ll be the better for it.

October came with fantastic news from friends. And scary stories and wookies in the woods. And it was about here that I started realizing how awesome it is to have the friends I do. And I’m so excited to spend the new year with them. And continue on this incredible path of life that I seem to be traveling down. To say things have fallen into place would be an understatement.

Blurry, but a keeper.

I feel after this year, that I truly am, the luckiest girl in the world.


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