Ultra-Pink Dirt.

I’m told I was never the easiest little girl. (I’m also told that this will come back and bite me in the ass soon enough.)

I remember having to stand in the threshold of our door to turn out my pockets, and empty the colorful little frogs collected from the shady brook by my elementary school.

I remember digging up pet worms with my friends. We’d ride our bikes around the neighborhood with the things dangling precariously off our handlebars and scream to each other when they fell.

I didn’t want to be a princess, I wanted to drive a garbage truck.

And I also loved pink. I even had pink hair for a short time in high school. That obviously didn’t go over well with my mom, and soon it was a gloopy greenish grey. (Which is apparently what happens when you put brown hair dye over bubble-gum pink.)

So when I thought about a blog and a title for my life stories, I knew that I had to find something special. Because who says dirt can’t be pink?

For that matter, who says life can’t be easy and fun and full of adventure? Because it can. And I’ll give you all the proof and inspiration you’ll ever need.

Life is what you make it, and this is where I hold my heart.

Welcome friends, to Ultra-Pink Dirt.


6 thoughts on “Ultra-Pink Dirt.

  1. Love it! You had me at dirt. But my dirt comes from dirt track racing and I love pink as well 🙂 can’t wait to see more from your blog.

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