Hello, World.


This is how you’re supposed to start, right? Hello, World.


Now what? What goes after the initial hello? When no one can think of what to say. Some jape about the weather and oh are we expecting rain? I like your blouse. Or your shoes. And did you hear that Janina had her baby?


Hello, World.


I’m in that spot, that place between breaths and shifty eyes, where your brain works overtime and just cannot bring you a solid conclusion if you were to put it in front of a freight train. The awkward silence part. The I’m not sure who you are and I cant recall your name but I’m pretty sure it started with an L?


Hello, Career.


I’m in that spot. You’re very nice and shiny and sometimes even new to you. But to me you are so OLD in every way. You are boooor-ing. And every time I want to do something fun and exciting and let’s go ice skating! You sigh and shake your head from side to side like a slow motion talking picture. And you say no, no, lets not rush things. Remember, we are in no hurry. Remember, change is nothing to be tampered with, and causes a highly volatile, dangerous reaction. You wouldn’t want to go messing with that would you? And even when I say trust me! it will be fabulous! You put on your smoking jacket and sit down by the fire and say now, now, there’s no rush. And then stare off into the flames.


Hello, World. Can you hear me? I’m running in place and circling.circling.circling this dusty old, gorgeous, magnificent place. What do you say when you’re in that spot? That shifty eyed, awkward spot? 


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