Ramblings On Buying a House

House. I said House. Because that’s right, we bought a House.

I thought about blogging during the home buying process but I feared my blogs would end up being nothing more than a string of run-on sentences containing WAY too many expletives, ending with me pounding my head on the glass tabletop and sighing in exasperation. I mean, that’s exactly how it was. But I certainly had no desire to blog about it. Buying a house is something I don’t recommend to anyone without a infinite supply of Xanax. And alcohol. Also? Don’t open escrow and then find out from your employer that there’s a round of layoffs coming "any day now." Dear bartender, get me the strongest stuff you have. For the next month.

BUT. It all ended well or I wouldn’t be writing this. I’d probably still be putting hairline cracks in that tabletop.


I spent a lot of time this morning watching my cats chase each other at full kitty-crack-speed and then go skidding into walls when they realized they couldn’t stop.

Hardwoods, even if fake, I do recommend, as they are hugely entertaining.


The interesting part of living in this house is that quite suddenly lots of things seem… closer. More Real. As if they left the fog and haze of the world of HOAs and all of their ridiculous rules.

Like starting a family. Sure, we’ve talked about it. We even tried to discuss timelines on a couple of awkward nights. But it was always like discussing how we were going to sail around the world when all we owned was a rowboat, with no ability to EVER get something else. (That’s another story.) It was a hazy future with no clear path, and who would be willing to row across the atlantic? Certainly not I.

But people. We own a boat now. A huge, updated, gorgeous yacht. And while I don’t think we’ll be circumnavigating the globe any time soon, I do think we can do some weekend trips and get used to these sails.


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