For the Record

I only ever call myself fat when I’m scrambling up the side of a mountain with a 30lb pack on my back (OK so that MIGHT be an exaggeration) face dripping in salty tear soaked sweat and lolling my tongue out like a dog, hoping that in some way I can gain some moisture from the air. I mutter in between huge horrible breaths that never make it to my lungs "OH MY GOD I AM SO FUCKING FAT" And while I say that and wholeheartedly mean it at the time, what I really mean to say but lack the vocabulary, breath, spittle, or general brain activity to say is OH MY GOD MY HEART IS PROBABLY FULL OF CHOLESTEROL AND I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE I MIGHT DIE.

Are we there yet? – Hiking up to Keyhole Canyon in Zion, Utah.

Canyoneering woes.


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