Fall Brain

Guys. It’s in the 80’s. This is HUGE. It’s been in the triple digits for months now (which by the way, has sort of felt like years.) Now that the temperature is out of the “burst into fire” range, I have tons of things lined up I want to do for fall.

First pumpkin spice latte of the season! (I’m pretending it isn’t iced.)

I want to run and bake cookies and then run some more because of the cookies. I want to decorate (holy crap I can decorate! I have a house! and storage!) and bake more cookies. And then run some more, trailing decorations in my wake. Also at some point I’d like to carve a pumpkin and start a garden. Plan a vacation, go on a road trip, and generally live the life I’ve been missing out on because I’ve been so stressed out with the whole buying a house moving packing unpacking crying a lot and sweating in the heat thing.

Also, all of the above reasons is also why I didn’t leave my job. Because I did get an offer from a CEO who loved the fact that I admitted I’m a little bit crazy. (Be real folks, it works.) But they give no holiday time and vacation time would be on delay as you work and work to accrue a whole 3.8 hours at a time. And while the company sounded…nice…. I wasn’t excited enough about it to give up all of my grand plans of road tripping it with cookies.

Oh, and I want to blog more. Even if it means weird posts like this one. So be ready for that, too. Welcome to Fall!


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