Canyon: Rubio

Rubio Canyon is one of my favorite local Los Angeles canyons. N has even done it in the dark. (Something that is on my “eventually” list, but the spiders and scorpions that come out in the darkness are blocking my excitement about actually going through with it.)

The first time I did Rubio, way back in 2010, N and I were invited by asking if we’d like to go on a hike. Imagine my surprise when our friend then sent a gear list a mile long followed by a quick and happy “see you Saturday!” I remember looking at N and saying “Um. What exactly did we just sign up for? And what kind of hike requires a wet suit?”

This kind of hike, apparently.

Sliding Entry on Thalehaha Falls, Rubio Canyon, February 2012

Rubio is a great beginner’s canyon (which is why it was my first!) with a steep but simple entry and mostly smaller drops, save for Thalehaha, an impressive 80 or so feet. Just don’t look down and you’ll be fine.

The hike up includes a great spot for a picnic lunch at the top of Echo Mountain before you start the actual entry to the first falls of Rubio. 4-7 hours in all, it’s one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.


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