Canyon: Supercloud

Apart from having a fantastic superhero-esque name, Supercloud is also one fantastic canyon.

We did this one last year, the morning after the very first snowfall of the season. It’s one of the only “winter” canyons I’ve done, and I loved every single minute of it.

Hiking to the start of Supercloud – cold and beautiful.

We quickly found we weren’t alone… luckily these (extremely fresh) tracks were headed in the opposite direction.

Fresh and BIG bear tracks!

This is weird, I know. But I like to do my nails and put on some eyeliner before going on canyons. Given that I never do my nails and rarely wear makeup in normal life, it makes me feel very “pretty” to have these extra bits of femininity. Canyons can get extremely dirty, gross, and mentally “icky” fast sometimes. These are little things I do so I can feel like I’m slightly less awful when I’m covered in rotting muck water.

After traversing some icy and slightly treacherous descents, we got to the start of the rappels. Supercloud is a dry canyon, which was an extremely welcome change given the temperature. Had this been a wet canyon, it’d be (at least for me) on the no-go list. I hate being cold. What I hate more? Being wet and cold. Brr.

Start of the descent into Supercloud!

It was a gorgeous, crisp day. Living in Los Angeles, I always appreciate getting the chance to play in pretty snow. I truly hope to do this canyon again sometime!

Snow and leaves in Supercloud

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