Trail Fuel: Protein Breakfast Drinks

This is really more like “pre-trail” fuel. But these things have saved my bootie so many times, it’s hard to do anything but revel in their glory.

Liquid Gold. They can also be chilled in the river!

Seriously though. If I don’t have protein before starting out on a canyon, I am a miserable woman. I’ll get hot, shaky, and I’m running on nothing except coffee. Never a good idea. I also don’t necessarily like eating a giant breakfast, since the chances of getting hot/shaky/vomity are pretty high too.

Enter: the breakfast drink. Sometimes it’s Special K, sometimes it’s Carnation, it doesn’t matter – as long as it’s high in protein and has a bit of sugar for a kickstart. I drink them for or with breakfast on canyon mornings, religiously. These are especially fantastic when traveling and you don’t know what kind of “continental breakfast” you’ll be getting from the hotel. These pack well, don’t have to be refrigerated (but they do taste better cold), and are a great start for a long day of hiking and adrenaline.


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