This year has brought some pretty major change to our little family, and while I’ll leave most of the stories and adventures for a new years post, I will touch on one today – simply because while it was a bad situation, I am so thankful for it as well.

I guess since it’s all over and done with I can now say – we sold the condo. It’s done, it’s gone, and it’s officially in someone else’s name. This, while outwardly is a wonderful thing, is also very, very hard. You see – as much as we love this new house, we never wanted to leave the condo in the first place.

We tried every program there is. No one would touch us, no bank would help. Why? We were too responsible. We still paid the mortgage, and therefore didn’t need help with our place that was worth 60% of what we bought it for. The banks who did get over that fact then stalled out at just *how* underwater we were – and then changed their minds. The responsible people who really need your help don’t get it. Meanwhile, the ones who buy things they can’t afford get all the help in the world. It sucked. And it meant that we were stuck. Stuck in a one bedroom place for the next 10-15 years or whenever it got back up to a value we could sell it for. Obviously, not going to work.

So we did the irresponsible thing. We bought a house. A gorgeous (lemon of a) house. It’s fine, just, ugh. Home Ownership. Also? Never buy anything that’s been foreclosed. And sitting. Empty. Horrible things happen.

By buying the house and being irresponsible with what we could afford, suddenly we got help from the banks. Suddenly, we were eligible for  the loan modification programs and short sale that we were previously denied. Suddenly, we had to move to this big house in the burbs and away from our little city nest that we loved so much. Had they helped us before, we could have modified the loan and made the condo work – stayed another few years and enjoyed. But they simply wouldn’t help us while we were still doing the right thing. It was all pretty awful.

Packing up the Condo – life in boxes.

We were victims of the real estate crash, but we were the lucky ones. We have a roof over our heads, and slowly, this big broken down house is turning into a home. I am so incredibly thankful for this. This horrible situation, that we have navigated together and tried to see the silver lining through the clouds.

Moving in to the house.

I still hate the commute. But I am so incredibly thankful we got through this. And I’m sad about our little city home. But the new owners asked where we got the bathroom tile so they could extended it all the way into the hallway. And that makes me a little thankful too, that someone will be loving the place like we did.

There are a hundred things to be thankful for this year, but this one stands out in my mind as the big one. I am so lucky to have the family and support to help us through this. And we are so very lucky to have a home at all. Sometimes it’s the big things like this that put everything else into perspective. Life can hard, yes, but it is wonderful too. You just have to have a bit of perspective.


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