Trail Fuel: (Beef) Jerky

Ok. I may not necessarily eat the moocows, but I cannot deny the ultimate snack – beef jerky.

I’ve gone turkey jerky, salmon jerky, and proto-beef-tofu jerky. As far as I’m concerned they’re all great. As far as my peers are concerned, I’m crazy off my rocker and need to get on the beef train already.

Make your friends jealous – Alien Jerky!

Regardless, this is a FANTASTIC snack to have with you on long trips. It travels well, it is pure protein, and it takes some effort to chew, which always makes me end up drinking more water (always a positive.) It fills you up while you’re waiting to move on, and is generally one of the snacks that makes other people look at and think “Man. I wish I was smart enough to bring some of that with me.”

It’s up to you if you want to offer them some.


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