On Fear and Crossfit

I read a quote the other day that has stuck with me (for better or worse) for about a week now. Because this time last week, I was debating (read as: seriously ping ponging back and forth) going to check out the new Crossfit gym by my house.

Here’s the thing guys. I may do all sorts of things on the weekends that other people would call fit and active and maybe slightly crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m in shape. And I’m not. I cannot do one push-up, nor run a mile. And it makes doing the things I love (those crazy weekend things) harder than they should be. And I don’t enjoy them as much as I should be able to, because I’m spending too much time huffing and puffing and generally turning bright red.

I’ve always read about Crossfit, and the crazy-ness associated with it. And I’ve always thought it sounded awesome, but was one of those things you have to get in shape for before you can go do it. And then I read a quote, and decided to say “f that” and I… went to a Crossfit class.

Here’s the quote.

We get used to limiting ourselves sometimes, making the secure choice, or finding a way to rationalize not doing something. I’m too old for that shit, I’m scared of heights, I don’t want to be out there by myself, it’s not in my budget, et cetera. We talk ourselves out of things, instead of talking ourselves into things.

(Check out that blog, it’s great.)

Me before the class. I didn’t take a picture after, but picture this, with less of a smile and quite red and sweaty. But still happy.

I’m still bouncing back and forth on whether or not I’m going to sign up for a membership (today it’s a hell yes, but an hour from now it could be different) but I think this indecisiveness is mostly out of fear. Fear that I’m too out of shape (which was extremely apparent at my first class) or that I’m just not hardcore enough for this kind of workout. At the same time though, I had a GREAT time and would choose a class like that over a gym any day.

So here’s to talking ourselves into things instead of out of them. Even if I don’t end up a Crossfitter for life, I’m absurdly proud that I went, and conquered that fear at least once. That I was able to talk myself into something that really felt like it was out of my reach – and it turned out to be quite pleasant.*

*not the right word to use here as the workout was anything but pleasant. But the point is that everyone was extremely welcoming, flexible, and incredibly nice to me. They made it feel like something that I could keep coming to, and even enjoy, out of shape or not, without judgment on any side.


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