Stronger Than Yesterday. (A Crossfit Update)

It’s been 3 months, and I’ve been to Crossfit approximately (exactly) 34 times. (I know this because I’m crazy. And maybe slightly OCD about writing things on calendars.)

In between, I took a trip to Scotland in which I almost made friends with my mountain bike. (post coming very soon.)

But this is about Crossfit. Obviously, I have continued my journey. And I’m abso-stinking-lutely loving it. I love that it’s all out, hard as you can, kill yourself and want to die, and then it’s over. I love the mental challenge of pushing yourself that extra little bit every time. I love that weight lifting makes me feel like a total badass, and I love that I come home actually dirty. (Typically from a combination of weights and various things on the floor like pushups or just, ya know, collapsing.)

My 29th Birthday. Hell yes.

But more than any of that? I love the community. I love that the last person to finish a workout (more likely than not it’s me) is cheered the loudest, the complete lack of meathead mentality, and the support and positivity of everyone who walks through those doors. I work out with every age and body type – and it’s fabulous.

Crossfit is the incredible mash up of the discipline and structure that I loved about marching band (Did you know? I marched the flute. Then I got tired of being little and marched the tuba.) combined with the “just push through it” mentality that I love about canyoneering. It’s perfect for me, and I’m loving the fact that I finally found a crowd and a place and a thing that I can look forward to after work. I’m sleeping better, less stressed, and generally happier.

Most of all? I’m Stronger every day.


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