The Importance of Quiet Balance

I work a full time, 40 hour a week job. I commute 2.5 to 3 hours a day, with the exception of every other Friday, which I have off. (Thank the stars for 9/80 alternative schedules.) I love my job, but I am not the kind of person who is defined by work. I am so much more than what I do, and I always strive to “work to live”, not “live to work”. My organization, luckily, supports this view.

I leave work at 5pm sharp so I can be home in time for 6:30 Crossfit. I’ll tell ya – nothing is harder than going to work out after the life has been drained out of you for an hour on the traffic stifled streets of Los Angeles. I try and go three times a week during the week, although admittedly, the majority of my weeks have dwindled down to two visits, due to either pure exhaustion, or too much raw and new sore-ness from previous workouts. For now, two days still feels like a win. I’ll get to three eventually.

In the mornings I get up extra early, both because of my drive and because I always try and take at least 20 minutes of slow time, wake up time for myself in the morning when I can drink my coffee, read a few things, and snuggle with the cat.

Since starting Crossfit, my nights have gotten much busier, and my days much longer, being away from the house for more than 12 hours at a time. But having that extra bit of me time, a few minutes in the morning and a good long workout at night – has made me ultimately, a much happier person. I have something to look forward to during the week now, something I can have that bears some semblance of a life outside of commuting back and forth to work.

Balancing Life.
Balancing Life.

My newest challenge, if you haven’t noticed already, is working in some extra time for writing as well. I’ve always loved to write, and it feels cathartic most days, to organize my thoughts and line all my ducks up in a row. Writing brings me a peace of mind to match my bodily peace I am getting from Crossfit – and even in just the last week, I already see a difference. I am looking at things clearer, thinking about things in more objective and creative ways, and finding solutions to problems that were previously shrouded in haze.

I could just work, and drive back and forth. I’d have more “time” in life, for tv or other things, but it would be horribly unbalanced. Adding a few things that are truly, selfishly, for my own benefit makes life a fantastic balance, a perfect brew.


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