Gear I Love: Olympus Tough Cameras

Doing the things we do, in the places that we go, means our gear tends to take a serious beating. So when it’s expensive, electronic gear, we get extremely picky on brands that we trust to survive.

Enter the Olympus Tough series of cameras. Originally, I had the old “weatherproof” Olympus that survived being soaked and frozen to death on a rainy glacier hike (here’s where I say, rain + glacier hiking = misery) and I was so impressed that I didn’t lose all of my photos (unlike everyone else on that trip) that I have stuck with the Olympus line ever since.

Glacier Hiking in New Zealand - a (novel of a) story for another time.
Glacier Hiking in New Zealand, July 2005 – a (novel of a) story for another time.

We’ve gone through a couple of the cameras, but the quality of the photos that come from such a “durable” line is hard to beat. The other cameras that we’ve tested and/or that friends have owned have always seemed dull, or blurry, or both. Our Olympus cameras have been dropped, sunk, smashed, frozen, melted, and gotten serious air time – and through it all – the colors and focus are fabulous.

Imlay Canyon Sunrise, 2013
Imlay Canyon Sunrise, 2013. 

The best part? They’re warrantied and guaranteed. So when the inevitable happens, as is (eventually) likely to happen (they’re still electronics, no matter how much padding you give them), they are promptly replaced. I wish all the gadgets I owned were this hard to break.

Whoops. It survives most of the time.
Whoops. It survives most of the time.

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