Scotland Part 3: Laggan Wolftrax

And here’s where the biking begins.

Guys, I sort of want to move to Scotland just so I can be close to Laggan Wolftrax. It’s a man-made mountain biking park – run by the forestry service and set up quite a lot like a ski mountain. There were a series of colors and shapes that marked trail difficulty, and everything was biker-only, one-way only, which makes coming down a slope at high speeds much less terrifying. (Nothing can ever be proven, but I may or may not have wiped out trying to avoid dogs and small children in the past.)

We started with a green course, the easiest of the bunch. Everyone did well, and I kept thinking “Holy crap, I’m MOUNTAIN BIKING in SCOTLAND!” You couldn’t wipe the smile from my face if you tried.

Laggan Wolftrax - I wish we had one in CA!
Laggan Wolftrax – I wish we had one in CA!

And then.

And then we moved on to the “intermediate” course. Guys. This was NOT intermediate. Easily one of the most technical trails I’ve ridden to date yet, full of drops and bridges and tight-as-crap-switchbacks.

I made it about halfway down, before…

“LEAN BACK!! LEAN BACK! OH NOOO!” I heard his voice at the same time that I registered it myself, but it was too late to correct. Like I was watching myself in slow motion, I tried my hardest to save my form, only to find myself flying through the air.

And, I'm down. Thank you, helmet.
And, I’m down. Thank you, helmet.

Our guide, Euan, was on me like a rocket, nearly reaching me before I even hit the ground. I had flipped straight over the handlebars, and luckily was able to tuck and roll like the pro faller that I am, (typically something I’m not very proud of,) and was minimally damaged. My nerves were shot though.

Kevin, our other guide, quickly made me laugh, “Well you got that part over with quick – how old are you? 28? Oh good, you still bounce.”

I tried to shake it off the best I could, and we continued down the trail. It was a rough start to a long week of biking, and I have the unfortunate news that this did stick with me most of the week. My riding from here on out was a bit nervy, a bit over-cautious. I had lost some confidence, and it showed.

That being said? I still had a magnificent time.


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Scotland Part 3: Laggan Wolftrax


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