Pregnancy Series.

I’m notoriously bad about starting things and then taking way too long finishing them, if they ever get done at all. (Hello, Scotland recaps. I swear I’ll finish this. Some day. Soon.)

So the fact that pregnancy started with such a big bang and is now merrily skipping along while I take a back seat and try my hardest to put on the brakes – “I can’t be this far yet! We can’t be this close to the start of the end yet! WTF did she just touch my rib?” – is a new feeling, and quite honestly, there are so many new feelings that it’s been hard to find the right words to write about it. As soon as I figure out what I might say about a specific period or day in this crazy journey, it’s over and moved on to the next piece of wonder (or horrible truth.)

In an effort to get some of these things down in black and white, I’ve started a list of broad pregnancy topics/posts that I’ve been thinking quite a lot about lately.

Let’s be honest. Writing about canyoneering or mountain biking is not going to happen for a while – as I’m not allowed to be hanging off of cliffs or barreling down the side of a mountain on two wheels. And that makes me just a little bit (ok maybe a little extra) sad.

So yes, like every other blogger out there who gets pregnant, this big bump topic may take over my normal blog for a while. There’s just too much in my  head to ignore.

I have to say though, I have a feeling this will be just as fun. And probably, just as down-to-earth-dirty. Hopefully you’ll stick around for the ride.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Series.

  1. You are a great writer and this new adventure will give you tons of material to write about. Watching little ones on the beach here in TH makes me think how much fun she will have here someday. Love you.

  2. It’s inevitable! How can you not blog about being a mom when it’s going to take over your whole life? In a great way of course! Can’t wait for your little one to make her appearance!

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