The late year. The year of saying yes.

A practiced skill continues to improve; when ignored it fades.

I’ve been ignoring writing lately, and I hate that. It’s certainly taken a back-burner to the rest of life that has been happening as of late; I still need to tell you all about 2016 and write my tardis entry for the year. Seeing as it’s almost March I am incredibly tardy; but I hope that once I can manage to put together an explanation, it will be understandable.

The main unit of measurement here is exhaustion. Happy exhaustion to be sure, but exhaustion to the point of coming home and watching Master Chef, not coming home and using more energy to write.

So, feeling like a bomb that’s about to explode (we’ll get to that later) – here I am, to write about 2016 before I am exhausted in a way that not even glassy eyed viewings of Master Chef will be able to cure.

**January** may have been the beginning of the Master Chef/Reality TV priority shift, as Neil and I finally started watching the incredible train wreck known as The Bachelor. It’s amazing, it’s terrible, it’s exactly what we needed. We still watch. In other, more important news though, January was when Paige started walking! I cannot believe this now as I’m looking at her running and jumping and riding her bike, but it was just last year that she took her first very wobbly steps. She is a bundle of energy, a bundle of joy, and is the absolute light of our lives. It shows in the photos that we took at the end of January for my mom’s birthday – I remember spending most of the time not in front of a camera chasing Paige down the warehouse studio as she tried out her new, faster movement abilities.

**February** brought a wonderful magic show at the Pantages for Neil and I’s anniversary. (6 years! and 10 together!) I also started my own little side gig, building wordpress designs with the intention to sell templates to local mommy businesses. I was also taking job interviews (and had been for a few months), but being incredibly picky about location and hours, so I decided that if I hadn’t landed anything solid and up to my standards by the end of February, I would dive into my own business full time for a while and see what happens. With this knowledge, we enrolled Paige in daycare for three half days a week to start, and I was immediately floored at what I could accomplish with a little time just to myself – something I had forgotten in the previous year spent at home with her. We also had another big milestone with Paige – and washed her last bottle ever in Februrary. Again, looking at her now – I have a hard time believing this was only a year ago. It’s incredible.

Per usual when I set myself any sort of deadline, the universe aligns (or, ya know, maybe it’s just my own hard work), and things fall into place. The last day of February I got a job offer for a local company full of enough interesting people that I decided to give it a shot. In **March**, I started as a digital producer for a just-crazy-enough place that the only thing I can really say without a doubt that it stays interesting. As of today, I am still employed with them. I am a bit sad about my wordpress company falling by the wayside, but as noted above – it’s been a wonderful, exhausting year. We switched Paige to full-time daycare, which to sum up quickly, was as hard as everyone says it is. Very luckily for us, we had found a wonderful place for her, full of loving teachers and an owner who really cares. The knowledge that she is being loved by so many makes those long days just a bit easier. Also – I should note that as the requisite social butterfly born of two introverts, she LOVES it, and has since day one.

**April** was quiet. It was mostly spent adjusting to being a working mother, a working family. Neil and I had to figure out new routines, and I am happy to say that we, as usual, make an awesome team. Weekends were spent on local hiking trails or at the park, evenings were for walking and catching up with love, life, Paige.

**May** stayed par for the course, we had a lot of fun weekend adventures with Paige, including going to the local teaching zoo! She loved the monkeys until they started making noise, and then they were less trustworthy. It was a great weekend that I think we will refresh quite a bit. Neil treated me to a spa day at the Four Seasons for Mother’s day – he spoils me rotten. Then he went mountain biking on Memorial Day weekend, and for the second year in a row, injured himself. It’s now a blackout date, we’ve all agreed he’s not to do anything except possibly BBQ in future years.

**June** found us a Saddle Peak for Father’s day, which Neil loved, (score!) and at a wonderful weekend barnyard wedding up in Northern California for a good friend. I should mention here that it was a wedding with an open bar. An open bar with fancy bride and groom and farm themed cocktails served in little mason jars tied up with string. Adorable. And I had exactly zero, because the morning we left for the airport I decided to give in to the tiny voice inside my head (mostly so I could enjoy my unending stream of mason jar cocktails in peace) and take a super-early-result pregnancy test. Which apparently, work really well. I came out of the bathroom and flung it at Neil. We had been planning on this, but it was still a shock that it happened so fast. He grinned at me. “That was easy.”

**July** started with a wonderful Big Bear trip, and then the rest of the month came and went as long summer days do, with a beach day, our first doctor appointment, and oh – tearing part of the roof off our house to remove an enormous beehive. It was around this time that the reality of bringing another newborn into our house (link) started to set in, and the questions in the back of our heads became poundings at the front. I’m not sure exactly when we decided to start looking for new houses, but being newly pregnant, sick, and reliving all of the realities of how difficult it was to live there with tiny humans certainly had me looking somewhat longingly at open house listings.

True to our “get shit done” MacMillan nature, by **August** 10 (which happens to be my birthday) we had put in an offer, gotten it accepted, and listed our current house. I was plugging along with this pregnancy, feeling okay (not great, but not nearly as sick as with my first), and we were getting our lives in order to take advantage of making things as easy as possible for everyone. Which meant moving. Moving to a house where you could bring in groceries without training for Everest, where you could walk with a stroller to a local park, where there are sidewalks and streetlamps and people who walk their dogs and say hello. A cookie-cutter suburban neighborhood. Call us sellouts, but we love it.

August also brought a miniature family reunion in the form of my dad’s 75th birthday. All of my brothers and sisters flew in and we spent the weekend at a beach resort not too far from here, but it felt like a wonderful mini vacation. This is also when Neil and I finally spilled the beans on the new pregnancy; there’s no way I would have gotten away with not getting sloshed with my sister without someone figuring it out. It was a great memory, and I hope to do something similar again in the future.

By **September** we had closed on the new house, and Neil’s sister painted Paige’s new room as a wonderful meadow, and as of **October** we moved in. We completely, massively, enormously, devastatingly, underestimated how difficult it would be to sell a house with a thousand stairs, and so these month proved to be stressful. From living there and trying to keep things perfectly clean with a toddler, to packing while pregnant and trying to carry things up and down, to just the knowledge that we were very quickly going to be facing two mortgages. There were many tears and even more tears that there couldn’t be many, many glasses of wine on my part. But the new house has proven since day one, to be so worth it. The first weekend we were in we walked to one of the local parks for a festival that was happening, where Paige got to pet (amongst other critters) an owl! She is fearless. I love it. Just a few weeks and a trip to a working farm/pumpkin patch later, we hosted a small birthday party for her, and seeing everyone gathered around our new kitchen island, sitting in the backyard, and being so comfortable made our hearts triple in size. Like the grinch, we had finally found the love that a workable home can give. (As a selfish aside, I also finally have my amazing deep soaker tub that I thought would only ever be a pipe dream.)

**November** brought the usual chaos of the upcoming holidays, this year including election day, which I am choosing to ignore in this entry for the sake of small ears and my own general sanity. We also got Paige her first “real” haircut (we had been trimming her bangs for a very long time but this was a full style – and she hated it with a firey passion. We’ll see when that happens again. Oof. Neil and I also got a treat from my parents and got a date to see Hedwig at the Pantages – it was a great (and very wet!) afternoon. Somewhere in this time period I also had a gestational diabetes scare, (everything is good), a total and utter breakdown about the two houses that we owned, politics, and a general feeling that the sky was falling.

Not long afterwards, we got an offer on the house and were able to save a few more bucks by selling it as-is. By **December** it had closed, and all of the toppling dominoes in life could be organized again. I like to say that I deal pretty well with stress, but as I told my boss somewhere around this time when they offered me a promotion, I can only handle so much at once. This said, December proved to be a beautiful balance back to the way life should be. We took Paige to see Santa (EPIC FAIL) and baked gingerbread cookies, and finished the year with Neil and I puking our guts out all of Christmas day. Oh, what? Yeah.

2016. It was like that. So much, so dumb. So hard, so epic-ly, wonderfully good.


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