I love having an active lifestyle. Granted, I’m not the best at going to the gym on a regular basis or sticking to any particular exercise routine (something I’m still working on) but on any given sunny day you’ll find N and I outside canyoneering, hiking, biking, or generally being fresh air junkies. Here’s the best spots we’ve found in the LA area (and some that are beyond) to make some outdoor memories.

*Check back soon as I continue to update this page!*

Canyons (Los Angeles)
Lytle Creek
Fall Creek

Canyons (Zion National Park, Utah)
Das Boot
Pine Creek

Caves (Secret Places)

On Fear and Crossfit
Stronger Than Yesterday. (A Crossfit Update)
Filthy Fifty

The Archives (Other Sweaty Content)
Psychology of Canyons
Zion Video Blogs
Triathalon — a LONG time ago.

(Not So Sweaty) Camping
Sequoia Camping: Coy Flat

Scotland Trip 2013
Scotland Part 1: Edinburgh
Scotland Part 2: Meeting the Guides
Scotland Part 3: Laggan Wolftrax


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